2018 Annual Session Rides Needed

(Arthur Kegerreis) #1

Suggested info:
Where do you want a ride from?
How much luggage will you have?
Do you need a round trip ride, or only one-way?
If one-way, TO annual session, or FROM annual session?
What date are you hoping to leave or return?
Can you travel to your ride?
Include contact info as much as you’re comfortable sharing. Keep in mind this is a public forum. You may wish to initiate contact here and move further arrangements to a more private medium such as phone or email.

(Ann Fuller) #2

Elizabeth Cocca and I are taking the train back to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.
We need to be in Martinez (about 45 minutes from Petaluma) at 7 a.m. to catch the 7:34 train.
Any help or suggestions welcomed!!
(We both have rides to PYM, but not home)

(Ann Fuller) #3

P. S. to previous post. I can be reached at 213 712-2299 or by email at afuler@wefu.org
Thanks Arthur for providing this community supporting tool!!
Ann Fuller

(Lawrence Alderson) #4

Graciela Martinez will be driving up from the Visalia area with her two granddaughters. This is her first time driving up to Walker Creek, and would like to caravan with someone else traveling North along route 5. She could meet you at Harris Ranch in Coalinga. I will forward replies to Graciela and provide contact information (which I have for all registrants) so that she can connect with you directly.

(Brylie Christopher Oxley) #6

Hi all. I just unlisted this topic for privacy. It can still be used for the intended purpose, but is just not publicly listed.